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Preorder the New Issue of Urthona 'Unknown Landscapes'

On Tue, 20 December, 2022 - 14:44
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Urthona Issue 36 ‘Unknown Landscapes’ will be out just after Xmas. 

Landscapes move and uplift us in ways that are hard to pin down. Artists explore such emotional responses and bring clarity, awareness and transformational depth to the process. They help us to make the appreciation of landscape more conscious and meaningful. 

As Christopher Neve in his wonderful book ‘Unquiet Landscape’ says of the work of Paul Nash: ‘pictures, like the landscape itself, enunciate with the greatest clarity a language that is beyond words.’ 

Join us soon to discover this language of the heart. To secure your copy subscribe here.


Highlights from the new issue:

  • Lois Christie discovers a deep feeling for the rocks under our feet in the writing of Fiona Sampson (photo: Phil Gregory)
  • Maitreyanbandhu talks about his deep love for the work of Cezanne who found ‘the core’ at Mont Sainte-Victoire.
  • Norfolk Buddhist painter Khemin talks to Abhaya about his work.
  • Book reviews on two major mid century English landscape artists: John Nash (brother of Paul) & Ivon Hitchens
  • A conversation review: Hockney Arrival of Spring exhibition, with Anantamati and Oscar Gillespie 
  • Buddhist painter Saddhahadaya writes about her process and inspirations.
  • Dynamic Cornish artist David Mankin has a showcase of his work
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