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People To People In India!

On Mon, 9 January, 2017 - 19:46
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People to People in Nagpur, India have been posting some inspiring stories about the work they do recently. Check them out! 

People to People is focused on enabling educational development by empowering women, children and youth via various provided programmes such as:

  • women’s self-help groups 
  • self reliance support (backed up with micro finance) to help set up women’s business
  • pre-schooling for the children of immigrants 
  • outdoor primary schooling for nomadic tribes’ children
  • karate skills for building confidence amongst youth in the slums
  • personality support towards self-development
  • study and training clubs
  • free four-wheeler driving classes for young people

People to People is a registered charity run by Buddhists related to Triratna Buddhist Order.  

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