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Ordination Training Centres Exploring Triratna @ 50 - Ordination Vows and the Great Gathering

On Mon, 29 January, 2018 - 17:13
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2017 saw the celebrations of 50 years of the Triratna Buddhist Community and 2018 sees the 50th anniversary of the Triratna Buddhist Order.  In this context in the Padmaloka Retreat Centre - which runs ordination training retreats for men - members of the Ordination Team gave talks on each of the 4 acceptance vows, recited during one’s public ordination ceremony.  These vows essentialise what it means to be an order member practising within the Triratna Buddhist Order.  The talk by Surata on the first vow - ‘with loyalty to my teachers I accept this ordination’ - was unfortunately not recorded. However you can listen to the outstanding talk by Padmavajra on the subject given during the 2017 ‘What is The Order?’ retreat below.  You can listen to the whole series on Free Buddhist Audio.

Similarly, on the women’s side of the movement Tiratanaloka Retreat Centre (the ordination retreat centre for women), together with Taraloka Retreat Centre and Buddhafield have teamed up to hold the first ‘Great Gathering’ in about 10 years.  This Gathering will celebrate Triratna’s unique emphasis on the practice of friendship as a path and will take place in Taraloka on 7th to the 10th June 2018 and is open to women who have asked for ordination and female order members.  Find out more here.

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