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A note for Firefox users

On Sat, 9 November, 2013 - 11:52
Candradasa's picture
Hi all, a quick tech note for those using the Firefox/Mozilla web browser. The Buddhist Centre Online is now on a more secure web server that increases the privacy of this and other spaces on the site. We’ve had some reports that the special security certificate we’re using to guarantee this is registering - ironically! - as a potential problem in Firefox. We’re looking into it but we wanted to let you know that it’s fine to say “Yes” to any questions your browser may ask you about security when you first visit the site. It seems to be fine in other browsers but we’ll keep you posted…
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Arya Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani's picture
FYI: I haven’t had any problems with Firefox (26.0) and I have been on many times in the past few months…and days.
Candradasa's picture
This is now fixed, so far as we know! :)