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New Home Retreat: Turning Arrows Into Flowers - Starts Friday!

On Wed, 13 May, 2020 - 22:36
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Turning Arrows Into Flowers
A Seven-Point Mind Training, May 15-22

A mythic image to sum up and symbolize the theme of this week is that of the Buddha on the cusp of his Enlightenment. He is sitting still at the point when Mara attacks him with all the weapons he can muster. But, as the story goes, even though the Buddha is attacked he does not react with anger, hatred or defensiveness. Instead he sits in complete peace and openness; the arrows from his opponents drift and float down around him as flower petals.

Yashobodhi is our guide to the practice this week. She brings a great warmth and beautifully inquiring mind to bear on the material. Her focus is on a state of openness, of non-defensiveness, of having a mind that is free of blame and reactivity.

Instead we practice to turn toward the challenge with openness, kindness and interest, developing an attitude of ‘taking adversity onto the path’. Then we can use it to transform ourselves – and take our place at the heart of stillness.|

Home Retreat dates with Yashobodhi for your calendar

1. Sunday May 17, live Q & A
West Coast USA 08.00 | Mexico 10.00 | East Coast USA 11.00 | UK & IE 16.00 | Europe 17.00 CET | India 20.30

2. Saturday May 23, live Tonglen meditation
West Coast USA 08.00 | Mexico 10.00 | East Coast USA 11.00 | UK & IE 16.00 | Europe 17.00 CET | India 20.30

Connect to these events on Zoom on the day

Join in with our free Home Retreat

Home Retreats can be tailored to your needs during the lockdown.

We provide:

  • Daily, specially recorded teachings
  • Related Dharma resources
  • Support, perspective and inspiration all week long from our team on the Community Toolkit.
  • Live Home Retreat events
  • And a chance to connect with the retreat leader to ask questions about your practice.

Whether you have the time to engage with a full-on, urban-retreat style week at home – or are super occupied already with kids or work and just want some useful structure to book-end your days with a little calm and inspiration: this is for you.

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