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The Nature of Mind - Seminar: The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences

On Fri, 25 February, 2022 - 13:26
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led by Maitreyabandhu & Jnanavaca
4th March | 7-8:30pm GMT, 8-9:30pm CET, 6-7:30am AEDT

‘Near death experiences have previously been considered unworthy of science but, now that these experiences are being seriously acknowledged and are a valid area for scientific study, it seems that we are on the threshold of expanding our current knowledge about the meaning of life and death.’

- Dr Penny Sartori


This interactive zoom seminar will explore the implications of near-death experiences for our lives. Do near-death experiences suggest death is not the end? And if they do, what could that mean for our life?

Maitreyabandhu will be in conversation with Jnanavaca about a whole range of NEDs that people have reported, as well as talking about Penny Sartori’s pioneering study. The seminar will include plenty of time for Q&As.


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