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International Retreat Space Now Live!

On Tue, 6 May, 2014 - 22:19
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As you may have gathered, the International Retreat for 2014 is fast-approaching - only two weeks to go!

There’s still time to book
, of course, if you can make it to Adhisthana Retreat Centre in the beautiful green country of Herefordshire, England. But if you can’t, then just as we did with the retreat in 2012, we’ll be covering the build-up and the great event itself here on The Buddhist Centre Online.

We’ll bring you as much of the atmosphere as we can (rural internet permitting!): all of the talks and workshops, pictures, and sounds from the retreat as it unfolds over 5 days. If last time is anything to go by it should be an amazing sangha event, exemplifying the best of what our broad, deep Triratna community has to offer as we explore the practice of compassion in the world. We hope you can join us online before, during, and after the tents have all been packed up…

We’ll post the odd update here on Community Highlights and over on our Triratna Features channel, but the main place for in-depth coverage of the retreat will be the International Retreat space itself. So go there, remember to click + follow and keep yourself updated!

See you in the green field!
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sandy currie's picture
I am so excited you will be bringing the retreat live across the world, here to Vancouver Canada. Would love to be there, as I am sure many of my dear friends will be there. Thanks Candradasa for the fantastic work you do to connect us all.