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ICin5 No.4 - Day Two, Welcoming All in the Dharma (Dar la bienvenida a todos en el Dharma)

On Mon, 31 August, 2020 - 21:57
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Centre Team

A full extra 90 seconds today to bring you the best of the day in Spanish as well as English!

¡Un total de 90 segundos extra hoy para ofrecerte lo mejor del día en español y en inglés!

The second full day of the 2020 online International Council and we’re joined by Viryakirti and Parami from Latin America.

Framed by the deep, altruistic practice of empathy, today we were listening to stories and voices about the sometimes painful gap between our aspirations to diversity and the challenges in supporting it as a positive feature of Triratna life. Looking to respond together with a sense that we are part of the solution to building community where everyone is welcome.

Con traducción parcial al español. 

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Enjoying watching these ICin5 videos each day (the music is so cool!) and the various other videos Go, Triratna!

I can see a HUGE amount of work is going into this. Thank you so much.


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Awww, thanks, Munisha! xx ❤️