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ICin5 No.1 - What is the International Council?

On Sat, 29 August, 2020 - 11:09
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Centre Team

Akasajoti and Dhammarati introduce us to the 2020 Triratna International Council – online, of course! 

- What is the International Council?
- How’s it going to work online?
- What will we be up to?

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Like the theme tune! I might just be shazaming that (just in case you thought that nobody might be following you :-) )

Hope you all have a good meeting(s)


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It’s called ‘Play it Again, Sam’, free as an in-app loop within the InShot app for Premium users… 🎹

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What does ICin5 mean?
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“International Council in 5 minutes” (or less!) 😉