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Helping the Dharma to Thrive in Merida, Venezuela

On Wed, 28 March, 2018 - 15:46
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Thanks to the strength of Kalyana Mitrata (spiritual friendship) and gifts to FutureDharma Fund, Mitras in Venezuela are benefitting from a rich programme of retreats, including studying the System of Practice and Mitra study on ‘What is the Sangha?’, as well as talks on William Blake.

Aryavacin (Nottingham, UK), Manjusiha (Padmaloka, UK), and Padmashalin (Valencia, Spain), have flown to Merida, Venezuela to lead retreats for the Sangha there who are not able to afford to travel to go on retreat.

The situation is tough in Merida. Vajranatha is the only Order member in the sangha, in fact in the whole of Venezuela. He’s been working heroically to keep Merida’s thriving sangha going.

Recent economic turmoil in Venezuela has resulted in a massive devaluing of currency and an increase in violence and unrest in the city. And yet the Merida sangha is extremely resilient. There are 22 Mitras, and 15 of them have asked for Ordination, so this visit is a precious opportunity for some of them to continue their ordination training.

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