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Gathering Wisdom While We May - The Opening of the Sangharakshita Library

On Wed, 4 February, 2015 - 00:04
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Free Buddhist Audio
Sangharakshita, founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order, has long dreamed of starting a new library to house his collection of 11,000+ books on Buddhism, the Dharma and literature (including extensive reference and poetry collections). Vidyadevi, one of the people who helped make it happen, introduces the new library as it finally opens its doors. Her passion for this project and her love of books is both infectious and challenging as she speaks about a library with its eyes as firmly on the future as on the past.

With a great introduction and conclusion by Vajragupta on the genesis and future of the Sangharakshita Library at Adhisthana.
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Thank you It’s lovely to be able to hear what happened on the Sangharakshita library opening day, especially as I was one of the ‘band of helpers’ who helped unpack and shelve Bhante’s books, so I felt quite involved in the process of helping it get up and running, so to speak. A lovely imaginative talk, Vidyadevi (and I’ve bought the book) and I love the idea of a Maha Ratnadharini Sutra, Vajragupta. And lastly I’m very pleased there is now an on-site ‘librarian’ in the guise of Danasamudra, looking after the place. Sadhu all of you.