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Funeral and Burial Service for Urgyen Sangharakshita

On Tue, 6 November, 2018 - 20:00
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Update: You can now watch a complete version of the live stream here

November 10th 2018, 12.30 pm UK time, at Adhisthana

You are very welcome to attend the funeral service for Urgyen Sangharakshita. We are expecting large numbers. For the many not able to attend, we are hoping to provide live streaming of the funeral and burial but please note that, for technical reasons, we cannot guarantee this will be possible. 

The ceremony
We will gather at 12.30 in the large open barn behind the Adhisthana buildings, where the funeral service will take place. We expect this service to last for about two hours. This will include our traditional Sevenfold Puja. There will not be an official break during these two hours, but you can feel free to come and go as you need to. After the ceremony in the barn, we will process to the burial site in front of the library.

Online coverage
Over the next few days we will be exploring the options for streaming and will confirm by Friday how likely this is. Even though the local internet infrastructure may not sustain a live broadcast we will be filming throughout, and will also cover the event via a live stream of updates (pictures and short video), and, if possible, an audio commentary.

We’ll host coverage of the day on the Sangharakshita Memorial Space at The Buddhist Centre Online, as well as on our Facebook page and on Instagram and Twitter

We will be sending out and posting an outline funeral programme, including details of any readings, music etc., to Centre Chairs & Groups beforehand.

What to bring
This is predominantly an outdoor event: wear warm and waterproof clothing and footwear suitable for wet grass. Blankets might be good, as well as hats, gloves and scarves.  A cushion to put on your chair could be helpful. We will be at the mercy of the elements, so you may wish to bring an umbrella just in case!

Food and drink
We won’t be able to offer lunch or dinner so please bring a packed lunch and a flask of tea, though hot drinks will also be available on site throughout the day.

Keeping warm is a priority, however you may choose to wear blue, and some will be wearing blue robes.

There will be no general offerings during the ceremony although there will be offerings made on behalf of the six geographical Areas of our community as well as by the family. After the burial there will be the opportunity to make offerings by the grave. We suggest that as an offering you might like to contribute to the publication of The Complete Works of Sangharakshita.

This is a day event with overnight accommodation reserved for those travelling from overseas.

On arrival
If you arrive before the time of the funeral proper, the closed coffin will already be in the barn and you are welcome to sit in silence in the presence of Sangharakshita’s remains. You can also view an exhibition Nine Decades: a life in objects in the Sangharakshita Memorial Library, meditate in the Main Shrine Room, or congregate in the available indoor and outdoor spaces.


by car, minibus or coach: 
Please car-share where possible. Parking will be in the field at the front of Adhisthana. If you are travelling as a large group, minibuses are a good idea, whereas large coaches are less convenient due to narrow lanes and restricted turning. Some Triratna centres will organise coaches, contact your local centre.

by train: 
We will try and pick people up from Colwall station for the 10:50am and 11.50am trains from Birmingham. There are no reserved places and you may have to be patient, i.e. several shuttle trips may be required. We will also aim to give you a lift back to Colwall for the 16.05, 17.05, 18.05 trains towards Birmingham.

If you have any queries regarding accommodation please contact: admin [at]

All other queries please to: orderoffice [at]

With much metta,

The Adhisthana Sangha, Parami, Mahamati and Paramartha.

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