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Free Buddhist video materials for children at home

On Mon, 23 March, 2020 - 13:43
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Children bored already? With schools closed in many countries around the world many of us are faced with the challenge of keeping our children and teenagers happily occupied, possibly for many weeks, while Coronavirus runs its course.

Clear Vision’s online interactive video materials (for PC) may provide some entertainment, stimulation and education. They’re prize-winning Buddhist materials made for Religious Education lessons in British schools, with activities and notes. Made for children of any faith or none, they are also available for home use free of charge.

There are also quizzes, stories and the free Buddhist FAQ video page, Ask a Buddhist!

And there are several free video stories and programme extracts (for PC and Mac) on YouTube.

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saradarshini's picture

Fantastic, thanks Munisha and good to see you!

I’ve been asked about free mindfulness or meditation resources for an 11 year old with ADD - any ideas?

With love Saradarshini x

Munisha's picture

Hi Saradarshini,

In the teachers’ section of the Clear Vision education site there is a download of “Stilling exercises” I recorded for children. They are shorter, to suit short attention spans! It’s not free but it’s low cost and there’s a sample to try.

Metta, Munisha