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On Wed, 12 November, 2014 - 17:57
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Adhisthana is again playing host to the biannual College of Preceptors’ meeting, with 25 of the 34 active members on-site until 20 November. In case you don’t know, the College is (amongst other things) responsible for all ordinations worldwide into the Triratna Buddhist Order. So they hold a lot of responsibility for the harmonious development of the wider Triratna Community too!

Each evening we’ll be uploading interviews with a range of the Preceptors who will talking to Parami - College member and International Order Convener - about their daily highlights. A written summary of the meeting will also be available after it’s finished.

You can follow what’s happening by going to the College webspace here at The Buddhist Centre Online and clicking on +follow.

Day 1: Preceptors’ College Introduction

Day 2: Dhammadinna & Moksananda

Day 3: Sanghadevi & Maitreyabandhu

Day 4: Karunamaya & Nagabodhi

Day 5: Parami & Kamalashila

Day 6: Padmasuri & Saddhaloka

Day 7: Karunadevi & Padmavajra

Summary With Dhammarati

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Thank you to all who are participating in these interviews, conversations or whatever (and for Vidyatara for putting them on Buddhist centre on-line.) It’s great hearing what you, as College members, are doing or discussing each day (and today I could hear it extremely well so that was a bonus.)

With metta Kalyanasri