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Sailing the Worldly Winds (The Dharma Toolkit Daily, Episode 8)

On Wed, 1 April, 2020 - 00:18
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Gain and Loss
Praise and Blame
Fame and Infamy
Pleasure and Pain

Today we look forward to the start of our first Home Retreat of these coronavirus times in the company of Dassini and Vajragupta, sailing through our human relationship to the Worldly Winds (lokadhammas), a lesser known gem of a Buddhist teaching we think will be a useful tool for anyone living through our current shared crisis.

Vajragupta’s book will be the basis of our online course, designed for you whether you have a lot of time or hardly any at all in the lockdown. The book itself was born in the midst of family grief and has been a touchstone of Vajragupta’s own practice for many years. What he has to say about it in today’s episode is worth the time. 

The challenges of trying - and sometimes failing - to be kind and pliable in the face of great uncertainty and loss of control are urgently relevant. The plan is, there is no plan! The message is: give yourself to the flow of life as lovingly as you can in any given moment.

Join us for another great conversation - and for some serious practice at home from Friday April 3rd.

Sailing the Worldly Winds is available as an eBook for free from Windhorse Publications for a limited time to coincide with the Home Retreat. Get it now!

Listen to Vajragupta’s talk on Buddhism and Inequality

Check out our Dharma Toolkit space for details of all we have on offer to help you make it through the weirdness and stay inspired.

Come meditate with us any week day!


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