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Dharma Talk: What’s Race, Gender, Sexuality and Skin Color Got to Do with Non-Self

On Tue, 5 March, 2019 - 12:29
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A timely and thought-provoking talk by Vimalasara around what race, gender, sexuality and skin colour have got to do with the idea and experience of non-self? Vimalasara draws inspiration from the life and example of Dr Ambedkar as she explores how to approach these issues from a Dharmic perspective.

This talk was given at a People of Colour (POC) day-long retreat at San Francisco’s East Bay Meditation Centre 2019.

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Thank you Vimalasara. Your talk was a real delight to listen to. Your voice communicates wonderful colours: warmth, confidence, fearlessness, knowledge, clarity, understanding, wisdom. It speaks to people of colour, of course, and also to people of no-colour (haha haha ho). Well done, sister, well said. Much mettā, Ashvajit
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Thank you, Vimalasara! Great: passion and clarity. X Munisha