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Dharma library opens in Mexico

On Wed, 24 January, 2018 - 13:11
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The Cuernavaca Sangha in Mexico have worked together to create a library full of Dharma books and electronic resources, thanks to help from Future Dharma Fund.

The political situation in Mexico has led to much social inequality and many young people have never had the opportunity to use a library.  In response the Sangha have created the library as a place of inspiration and hope and a place where people can learn and exchange ideas. And the library isn’t just for the sangha - it’s open to the public, meaning that more and more people can access the Dharma.

Watch this short video (3mins, 36 secs) to see how the Cuernavaca sangha are passing on what they’ve been given. 

Find out more about Future Dharma Fund’s work.

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Thanks for posting Sadayasihi!

And well done Nagapriya and all! :-)

Much metta x