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Creating a Retreat at Home: Tips from Satyalila

On Tue, 22 December, 2020 - 11:21
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Satyalila shares her inspiration and passion for creating retreats at home by re-imagining our everyday space - an ideal practice for the winter holiday period, especially in 2020!

Exploring planning, preparing, starting, sustaining, concluding & celebrating that retreat time, she offers many practical tips for creating the conditions to deepen practice without leaving home.

There are some illustrations for the talk - including Sangharakshita with his teacher, Yogi Chen, who lived in a hermitage on the edge of the bazaar in Kalimpong and the walls of the mandala (or sacred space) we can create to support our retreat, and the three levels of wisdom we might consider, in planning our retreat.

Read Satyalila’s notes for creating a retreat at home

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