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Coverage of the 2014 International Retreat Has Begun!

On Fri, 23 May, 2014 - 14:34
Candradasa's picture
Over on our dedicated space for the 2014 International Retreat we’ve started seeing a flow of pictures, videos, and even an early podcast episode, from the set-up as teams from Buddhafield and Adhisthana work to get the space ready to host 400-500 retreatants travelling from far and wide.

Visit the International Retreat space to + follow events online between now and Tuesday. We’ll have the key talks and teachings, as well as plenty of coverage to capture the flavour and excitement of this great biennial event.

Join us online in celebrating the Buddha’s way of compassion and altruism together as one great Triratna sangha!

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Download our podcast, live from the International Retreat!
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