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Corona Crisis Appeal

On Fri, 10 April, 2020 - 19:37
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Yesterday, Thursday 9th April, we released additional emergency grants totalling £48,000 to 19 Karuna partner organisations. 

While necessary, the current lockdown in India - the largest in history - has left millions struggling to access food or sanitary supplies. This initial set of grants will be used for distributing emergency food (like rice, dhal and oil) and sanitary supplies (like soap, masks and gloves) to at least 18,000 daily wage labourers and migrant workers. 

Many of the people receiving this support will be living in close proximity, such as urban slums, where the risk of infection is very high. Our partners on the ground will be paying particular attention to protecting women and girls who have become more vulnerable to violence and abuse during the crisis.

We are also ensuring our partners do not put their staff and volunteers at risk of infection, requiring them to abide by local government health advice at all times, and to provide proper protective equipment to anyone asked to go into communities where there may be risk of infection.

We are planning to make more emergency grants next week and will continue to assess where your donation will have the biggest impact as the crisis unfolds. We look forward to being able to share more reports, photos and case studies as we do.  

Make a donation to the Karuna Coronavirus appeal (for those in the UK)

If you are outside the UK you can donate to this appeal via Global Giving

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