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Buddhafield Workshops Update No. 4 - Cosmic Time

On Sun, 7 July, 2013 - 19:02
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Satyadarshin, webmaster extraordinaire for Buddhafield, has made a great post about the pretty amazing range of workshops and spaces that take place at the festival every year, with some great tasters for this year’s program.

Here’s the fourth of his updates on what’s in store if you head to the festival! You can also follow these on the Facebook page for the Festival.

More Cosmic Workshops!

Laugh your socks off with Andy Wakeman’s Laughter Yoga

Get ‘Life Coaching’ from Karen Skehel

Make ‘Life Mandalas’ with Loren Treisman

‘Tap’ and learn ‘EFT’ with Craig Trafford

Explore ‘Personal & Planetary Transitions’ with Steve Nobel Discover ‘Imaginary Constellations’ with artists and song writers Phil Bird & Anna Georghiou

Go on Shamanic Journeys with Northern Drum & Joe Molly

Be uplifted by Mantra with Mahasukha

Sink deeply into Sound Baths with Sonic Incense

And explore Labyrinths with Chris Trwoga & Gwyneth Harwood….


Go on a ‘Cosmic Walk’ with Tim Firth stretching 750m into 13.7 billion years

Embody Fractal Physics and ‘Fractal Drawing’ with Jamie Perrelet & Samantha Lonsdale

Explore reality in ‘Dream Circles’ with Andy Cannon
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