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Buddhafield Festival 2013 - Soundscape!

On Tue, 24 September, 2013 - 19:18
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*updated* The talks from the Dharma Parlour are now online!

An amazing soundscape that manages to capture much of the spirit and music of summer’s Buddhafield Festival, in all its myriad glory. Alice Armstrong produced this podcast tableau especially for the Buddhafield team and introduces us to characters from around the festival site, evoking the landscape and the spirit of the community beautifully. Hundreds of voices ring clearly out of their own inspiration and it’s clear how important it is for many just finding a space within Buddhafield. There’s joy, grief and the recognizable process of spiritual life - the life of the body, heart and mind raised towards the best in us. A wonderful human picture emerges that can’t but inspire…

Alice Armstrong is a freelance radio producer involved with Soundart Radio, a licensed community radio station for the Totnes area, based at the Dartington estate. She volunteered her skills for this year’s Buddhafield Festival to produce a podcast based around her time on site.

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(Photo by Official Festival Photographer Radka Bailey: you can find complete set of Radka’s work on Buddhafield’s Flickr.)
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