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Autism and the Triratna Buddhist Community: Sensory processing, meltdown and shutdown

On Fri, 28 April, 2023 - 00:16
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We are excited to share another conversation between Ratnaguna and Prajnanandi as they delve deeper into the topic of Autism and the Triratna Buddhist Community. After receiving a positive response to their first discussion, they have decided to record three additional episodes to explore the nuances of being on the autism spectrum. In these episodes, they will discuss how we can make small but meaningful changes to support neurodiverse individuals to thrive in our Sangha.

This episode specifically focuses on sensory processing, meltdown, and shutdown responses. Different thresholds for noise tolerance can be higher or lower than the standard for neurotypical people, which can lead to problems with retreat and group situations. However, some neurodivergent individuals find meditating much easier than some neurotypical people because they are less worried by less sensory input and find a deep appreciation of beauty within it.

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So grateful for these conversations, they are so valuable, informative and essential if we are to be neurodiverse inclusive.