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Aryaloka Computer Education, India

On Wed, 8 August, 2018 - 17:24
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The Aryaloka Computer Education Project in India aims to fulfil the vision of Dr Ambedkar: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity in which everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential, regardless of their background. In line with that vision they offer computer education, personal development, English and self-defence training and particularly work with women as the education and job prospects of girls and women are low in India.  Two women, Priyal Kishor Ukey and Swati Shamrao Kawle, share how the Aryaloka Computer Education Project made a difference to their lives.

Priyal Kishor Ukey is twenty six, has a daughter and is separated from her husband. As a result of the computer training she received she now teaches computer courses and this enables her to support herself and her daughter, who is two years old, and hopes that she will be able to give her daughter a better education as a result.

Now in future I would like to live for my daughter only. I wanted to give her a better education so that she will not face the problems like me. - Priyal Kishor Ukey

Swati Shamrao Kawle is twenty three and is an orphan.  She worked in a stressful sales job which resulted in her becoming exhausted due to overwork. A friend of hers recommended doing a course with Aryaloka and she now works in IT and is able to support herself.

The courses at Aryaloka have given me new hopes and new direction to my life. - Swati Shamrao Kawle

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