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Amaragita On The Buddhafield Family Friendly Retreat

On Thu, 11 July, 2013 - 14:42
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A really great conversation with Amaragita, one of the pioneers of Buddhafield retreats that are family friendly, a radical re-imagining of community retreat that has been one of Buddhafield’s most successful projects for 14 years.

How do you maintain a deep practice of the Dharma when you have a family? How can householders bring the Buddha’s teachings to bear on their lives and also feed their own experience into the wider sangha?

A fascinating look at aspects of community practice, including single sex activities, teenager contexts, working with noisy toddlers, developing ritual - and doing ‘chocolate meditation’!

Amaragita speaks movingly of “being with her two loves”, family and Dharma, rooted in a mythic context and in harmony with nature and the land.

This year’s retreat runs from the 19th - 26th of August. Book now!
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