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The Age of Reunion: Charles Eisenstein in Conversation with Maitreyabandhu

On Sat, 11 December, 2021 - 20:40
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This clip is from an interview with Charles Eisenstein recorded on March 31st of this year. It is taken from the beginning of the interview, where Charles and Maitreyabandhu reflect upon the relevance of current events, such as the pandemic, on the transition from the ago of separation into the age of reunion.

This interview was a part of an event earlier this year run by the London Buddhist Centre.

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Charlies Eisenstein is an important speaker and writer focussing on themes of civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural evolution. He is the author of many books and essays including ‘Climate – A New Story’ and his “brilliant and beautifully written book”, ‘The Ascent of Humanity’.

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I was very impressed by this interview. Thanks so much for posting this Maitreyabandhu. I listened to the full conversation. I had never heard of Charles Eisenstein before and he seems to have a very deep shraddha. At around 27 minutes into the full conversation he speaks of “Simply recognising that inner and outer, self and other, above and below are intimately related and that our felt sense of significance when we listen to that intelligence of the heart is valid, accurate, it’s a reliable guide, and what would the world look like, if everybody followed that….the impossible would become possible.” This is the kind of imaginative vision that I believe we are looking for when we practice bodhichitta together, or any sadhana, or in principle I guess any truly spiritual practice.