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64th Dhammachakra Anupravartan Day

On Fri, 23 October, 2020 - 23:02
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Celebrating the 64th Dhammachakra Anupravartan Day
The Buddhist conversion of Dr BR Ambedkar and his thousands of followers on October 14, 1956

Join in on Zoom: Meeting ID: 817 1394 4156 Passcode: Ashok

Watch/re-watch the talks live on YouTube

Sunday 25th October
USA (PST) Saturday 9:30 pm | India 10:00 am | USA (EST) 12:30 am | IE & UK 4:30 am | Australia 3:30 pm (AET) | New Zealand 5:30 pm

Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi (USA)
Legendary Buddhist Monk, Great Pali Canon Translator, Philosopher and the Second President of the Buddhist Publication Society

On Social Harmony: An Inspiration from the Pali Canon

Prof Huang (Taiwan)
Hsuen Chuang University, Taiwan. Advisor to Nagarjuna Institute

The Implication and Inspiration of Dr. Ambedkar’s Buddhist Revival in India

Mallepalli Laxmaih (India)
Chairman, Centre for Dalit Study, Hyderabad

The Buddha as a Social Revolutionary

Sister Pia Giammasi (Taiwan)
Buddhist Teacher and Translator

Going for Refuge & Transformation of Society

Dh. Maitriveer Nagarjuna
Hon. Director - Nagarjuna Training Institute

Master of Ceremony

Dh. Lokamitra
Chairman - Nagarjuna Training Institute

The Meaning of Dr. Ambedkar’s Dhamma Revolution in Human Crisis Today

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