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47 Years of Friendship and Service: Saddhanandi Interviews Sona

On Thu, 31 October, 2019 - 15:42
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Caroline I P

On the 30th October 2019 there was a community practice day at Adhisthana to mark the first anniversary of the death of Sangharakshita, the founder of the Triratna Buddhist community. Sangharakshita spent the last few years of his life at Adhisthana and is now buried there.

During that day Saddhanandi, the chair of Adhisthana, interviewed Sona about his relationship with Sangharakshita. Sona was ordained by Sangharakshita in 1974 and had a long-standing friendship with him.

Recorded at Adhisthana, 30th October 2019.

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vajrabhadri's picture

Such a lovely, warm conversation to listen to and so good to hear another inspiring and life changing personal connection with Bhante. Love always, Diane 💜

Viryabodhi's picture

Thank you, both Sona and Saddhanandi, for such a warm and humane conversation. I love hearing about our different relationships to Bhante.

Love, Viryabodhi 

dhruvasimha's picture

I feel renewed by this; this conduit, this portal to Bhante. How fortunate we are to have Saddhanandi and Sona.