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365 Days of Bhante

On Fri, 27 March, 2020 - 14:06
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Caroline I P

A significant aspect of our work here at Adhisthana is to keep alive the spirit of our founder and teacher, Bhante Urgyen Sangharakshita, in the years after his passing on the 20th October 2018. There are many ways that we do this - by passing on his teachings; providing a context for people to visit his last residence and resting place; preserving and making available his library; and by celebrating his anniversaries.

We would like to bring more of the flavour of his life and teachings into the day-to-day life here at Adhisthana by beginning each morning with a short reading from Bhante before the first meditation in the shrine room. To do that, we’re compiling a set of 365 readings, one for each day of the year, and we’d like your help.

Please send us your favourite readings of less than 1 minute along with a reference to the source. They can be emailed to admin [at]

We hope you look forward to hearing his words next time you join the community for the morning sit.

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