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Dana Launch Weekend at the GBC

On Sun, 4 September, 2016 - 21:43
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Dana Launch Weekend: Get Involved

Friday, 9 Sept

We will be ritually opening the launch weekend by cleaning, really deep cleaning the centre. Bring veggie food to share.

Starts at 11 with a dedication, then get out the elbow grease to scrub those corners clean

1pm lunch

2-3:30 more cleaning!

Ends with a closing ritual around 3.30pm, laying down the foundations for a mandala offering that Sinhacandra and Suriyavamsa are creating over the weekend.

To help on Friday, show up and our mistress of ceremony, Dassini, will direct your energies. Questions? Email Dassini (dassini [at]

Saturday, 10 Sept

Saturday we will be out in the streets taking our practice to the good people of Glasgow, handing out leaflets about our meditation classes, and doing guerilla meditation sessions. A fun day getting the word out, hanging with sangha folk, and showing your street meditation skills!

11-1 Meet in Kelvingrove park (location to TBD), and do several shifts of meditation and saying a hello to the park dwellers

1-2 Lunch at the GBC (provided by Abhayavaca and co)

2-3:30 Second shift out on the streets, with meditation and leafletting

4:00 Bodhicaryavatara puja at GBC to wrap up the day and continuing to build the mandala

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