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"... money was a kind of placeholder for life and love ..." Text Post Liz_Bassett 16 August, 2017
#Triratna50. The world needs what you've been given. Pass it on. Video Embed Liz_Bassett 19 June, 2017
2018 Annual report now published Text Post Liz_Bassett 27 March, 2019
A Library for Cuernavaca Centre, Mexico Video Embed Liz_Bassett 23 January, 2018
Amalavajra talks about FutureDharma Fund Video Embed Liz_Bassett 14 October, 2016
Applying to FutureDharma for Funding Text Post Viryanaga 05 March, 2018
Bhante blesses the FutureDharma Jambala rupa! Image Post Amalavajra 08 May, 2018
Bringing us Together Video Embed Liz_Bassett 10 August, 2017
Check out our brilliant new website... Text Post Amalavajra 12 October, 2016
Clear Vision Trust: a Dharmapala Video Embed Liz_Bassett 26 June, 2017
Friendship is most important Text Post Liz_Bassett 20 July, 2017
Future Dharma Fund launches #Triratna50 Appeal Video Embed Liz_Bassett 06 April, 2017
FutureDharma at the International Gathering Video Embed Liz_Bassett 18 September, 2017
FutureDharma Fund - Small Grants Programme Text Post Viryanaga 05 March, 2018
FutureDharma Fund Champions Video Embed Liz_Bassett 31 May, 2017
FutureDharma Fund is launched at Combined Order Convention Text Post Liz_Bassett 28 August, 2016
FutureDharma Major Grant Round Open Text Post Viryanaga 29 May, 2018
Grants from FutureDharma - helping Triratna respond to a suffering world Resource Nandavajra 24 January, 2017
KM4 Australia Video Embed Liz_Bassett 20 November, 2017
Liz joins FutureDharma Team Text Post Liz_Bassett 13 July, 2016
Money Awakening Retreat Text Post Liz_Bassett 15 July, 2016
New Books for the New Year Text Post Liz_Bassett 03 January, 2017
New Mitras in Clacton-on-Sea, UK Video Embed Liz_Bassett 11 December, 2017
Online Dharma is for Everyone! Text Post Liz_Bassett 19 January, 2017
Recognise any of these lovely people? Text Post Liz_Bassett 14 November, 2016
Send us a FutureDharma postcard! Text Post Liz_Bassett 31 October, 2016
Supporter Care Manager with complementary role/s Resource Nandavajra 20 April, 2018
Thank you to Jai Text Post Nandavajra 28 February, 2019
The Buddhist Centre Online - Keeping people connected Text Post Liz_Bassett 21 March, 2017
Too many people in the night in the rain: Impressions from Venezuela Text Post Liz_Bassett 25 June, 2019
What does this gardener know about investments? Text Post Liz_Bassett 27 July, 2017
Young People in India choose lives full of meaning Video Embed Liz_Bassett 12 July, 2017
Your gifts are passing on the Dharma in Venezuela Text Post Liz_Bassett 28 March, 2018