When you're not sure what to do, start by giving (One World, One Sangha)

On Sat, 30 October, 2021 - 05:00
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Yesterday we shared the Sikkha Project’s work to support our Buddhist Centres to provide the best in Triratna’s Dharma teaching. When I was writing the post I was struck by how many times I used the word give - people giving their time, their expertise, their support.  

Our next project really showed us all how to give. When the pandemic took hold, Windhorse Publications found themselves in a tight spot. They rely on selling the majority of their books in our Centre bookshops. As our Centres closed their doors, and even online outlets like Amazon prioritised selling medicines and food, sales of Windhorse books all but dried up.

What they did next was a stroke of genius. And a generous one at that. They started giving Dharma books away. Working with The Buddhist Centre Online, Windhorse Publications gave eBooks away each week through the Dharma Toolkit. In 2020 they gave away more than 16,000 copies, which supported many, many people as they worked with their minds during the pandemic. 

What we’re here to do is to share the Dharma, but also just to help people to confront their situations at the moment. What we can do is use the resources that we have, and the resources we have are books. So come and get them! - Dhammamegha, Windhorse Publications

Windhorse Publications has been publishing quality Dharma books since 1974, and is a precious jewel in our Sangha. Their books also fulfil a need for people outside Triratna seeking accessible Dharma texts. Generous gifts from FutureDharma supporters help support Windhorse Publications as they continue to publish much needed Dharma texts.

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