#Triratna50. The world needs what you've been given. Pass it on.

On Mon, 19 June, 2017 - 14:21
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Can Triratna really help change this suffering world?

Terrorism, environmental degradation, the consumerist tide of distraction and dissatisfaction: sometimes the world can seem broken.

Triratna is entering its next 50 years. Can Triratna offer more people ways to stay sane in a confusing world: ways to connect, to grow and to give?

FutureDharma Fund believes it can. The only long term solution to suffering is enough movements like ours creating a wave of kindness and wisdom in the world. Only this will transform the forces of greed, hatred and confusion in society, and in the human heart.

Please watch this film (1’57 min) and share it widely.

Warning: Contains real scenes of human life.

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