Thank you to Jai

On Thu, 28 February, 2019 - 13:53
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Thank you to Jai

Jai Teather will be leaving the FutureDharma team, and the Adhisthana community, at the beginning of March and as Director I want to thank him, on behalf of the team and trustees, for all that he has contributed to the project. All of us involved in FutureDharma are inspired by and love the project but, as a project in its infancy, the work can be demanding; Jai has been with FutureDharma for a year but, after careful consideration and soul-searching, he has concluded that it is not the best thing for him to be doing at this time.

We are sad to see him leave especially because his passion and enthusiasm for the project has been striking and a boon; he is really inspired about taking the Dharma out into the world, especially to people who do not have the supportive circumstances and opportunities that so many of us enjoy, and projects such as retreats for Hungarian gypsies and supporting the Venezuela Sangha have been very dear to his heart. In his communication work Jai has used his skills, and sense of beauty and style, to create reports and social media posts, including short films, telling the inspiring stories of projects funded by FutureDharma. If you have met Jai you will know him to be a very friendly, warm and engaging man, who is quick to make connections and to be a helpful presence and in this way he has done much to raise awareness of FutureDharma and build connections with our supporters.

As fundraising assistant Jai served Amalavajra in his fundraising work and was willing to undertake the less glamorous, background tasks this involves. Within the Adhisthana community is was known for his helpfulness and concern for others. All of us in the team have enjoyed working with, and getting to know Jai; his warmth, charm and sense of fun have added to the harmony and pleasure of our team meetings. We are very grateful to Jai and wish him the very best for the future.

Nandavajra, FutureDharma Fund Director

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