The Importance of Sangha in India

On Thu, 4 June, 2020 - 15:13
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The world is in lockdown. In many ways the world is on fire. In this compelling talk, Subhuti focusses on the suffering of thousands of people in India, and rejoices in the Order members and mitras who are bringing food and the Dharma to them. He urges us all to play our part in “bringing something out of the fire”. Subhuti emphasises how our Sangha is making a difference in society, and reminds us that the creation of true Sangha is a revolutionary act. 

The Ordination Teams in India are leading the Sangha: guiding and encouraging Order Members, mitras and friends to provide a coordinated and wholehearted response to the immediate practical needs of the people around them. People who thought they had been forgotten. They are spearheading the way, providing a vision of what the Buddhist response to suffering looks like.

Subhuti asks us to support their work. With retreat centres closed, the Indian Ordination teams are unable to fundraise to meet their costs. They usually fundraise for 50% of their outgoings, with the other half met by generous donations to India Dhamma Trust and FutureDharma Fund. This year our Indian Sangha needs more help from Sangha members in the west. 

They need our support to carry on giving guidance and the gift of the Dharma, responding to the needs of the people they serve. Can you help by giving us a donation or doubling what you already give?

Please reach out to a world in need. Act now by going to futuredharma.org/thrive-online and selecting “India Dhamma Trust”. Thank you.

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