FutureDharma at the International Gathering

On Mon, 18 September, 2017 - 13:59
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A huge thank you to everyone who gave to FutureDharma at the International Gathering 2017 at Adhisthana. It was an amazing weekend of friendship, worship and sunshine, of puja, bonfires and singing, and of course, our vegan FutureDharma doughnuts!

Our lovely team were to be found in the barn, telling people all about FutureDharma projects, and helping them make their pledges to support them. During the Sunday evening puja, Amalavajra led a short meditation and gave us the opportunity to offer our pledges to the shrine.

In total 80 people pledged to give to FutureDharma Fund, with most of them making a monthly commitment, worth over £10,000 over the next year. That’s equivalent to our whole commitment to our sanghas in Ukraine, Poland and Hungary. Saddhu!

Watch the short video (47 secs.) to hear why Karen gives to FutureDharma projects.

The world needs what you’ve been given. Pass it on.

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