Bhante blesses the FutureDharma Jambala rupa!

On Tue, 8 May, 2018 - 18:59
Amalavajra's picture

Today Bhante Sangharakshita blessed FutureDharma’s Jambala rupa, and wished our whole team every success in raising money for our movement’s projects.

He said something like, “Money is necessary for all activities in the world. In the right hands it can make such a difference. There can be hardly any better use for money than Dharma work”

We talked about US President Trump’s announcement tonight about the Iran nuclear deal and he reflected on all that he’d seen including WWII and Nazism. Bhante said he was optimistic about the future for humankind as long as we can avoid global disaster, which he thought we would.

I asked how he’d like to see Triratna develop over the next fifty years and he said “more of the same, reaching more people”. He recalled the first Order convention, when all 26 people gathered in a room in Aryatara, and there now being well over 2,000 members of the Order.

Here is to our next 50 years!


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Nandavajra's picture

It’s very heartening to have Bhante’s blessing and encouragement. I like the simplicity of his vision for the next 50 years - ‘more of the same, reaching more people’. Well done team, Nandavajra