Applying to FutureDharma for Funding

On Mon, 5 March, 2018 - 17:24
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If you are planning, or already run, a Triratna Dharma project then FutureDharma Fund might be able to help. We have three different funding routes depending on your project - Central projects, Major Projects and the Small Grant Fund (details of each round provided below). 

You may submit an expression of interest to us anytime, but Central and Major Projects applications may only be submitted when each funding round is open. The small grant programme is open for applications throughout the year. Please contact Viryanaga [at] futuredharma.org (subject: FutureDharma%20Small%20Grants%20Funds)  to express interest in applying, for further details of the application process, or support in developing your project to meet FutureDharma’s funding aims.

The Three FutureDharma Funding Streams

Central Projects - this stream provides grants to four communication/networking bodies in the movement - Windhorse Publications, The Buddhist Centre Online, Clear Vision and the International Council. Each year these bodies are asked to submit a proposal based on their plans and objectives for the following year. FutureDharma tries to ensure these aims meet the current needs of the Order and Movement as guided by our Trustees. Central projects apply in January-March each year, for funding the following year.

Major Projects - This funding stream is for significant new Dharma projects worldwide, seeking grants over £3,000 equivalent. Applications are specifically sought from carefully developed projects which meet a vital and urgent need in the Triratna Buddhist Community. Applications can be for single events/activities through to multi-year grants. There is no limit on the maximum amount, however as FutureDharma’s funds are heavily oversubscribed, projects which potentially offer the strongest outcomes or impact at a modest level of support are often favoured. 

The Major Project round for 2018 will open May-July 2018, with funding decisions made in August. Some funding may be available from August 2018, with the rest following in late 2018 or early 2019, contingent on successful fundraising for each project.

Small Grants Fund - This stream provides a number of small grants up to a maximum of £3,000 equivalent for inspirational Triratna Dharma projects and initiatives which have immediate funding needs, or smaller local projects which are prevented from establishing themselves due to a lack of local funds. Applications can be made to our small grants programme throughout the year. Each year we have a fixed budget to distribute to these smaller projects on a first-come-first-served basis. Awards will be made until this fund has been exhausted, where upon it is replenished the following year. 

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