Are we speaking the same language? (One World, One Sangha)

On Sat, 23 October, 2021 - 05:00
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In our last stories we shared how Alex in Brazil, Zoe in Singapore, and Celia in New Zealand practice in our Sangha online from very different contexts. What they all have in common is being able to participate in classes and practice days in English. But what if you don’t speak English? 

Our fantastic Triratna Translation Board already translate Dharma books into many languages of course. And in the last 18 months they’ve thrown themselves into our new online environment - Perhaps you heard them translating live on International Sangha Day. At one event they famously translated live from Spanish into English into Turkish! 

There have been some fantastic talks at these online events which are recorded and available to watch afterwards online. But most of them are in English. And if English isn’t your first language you can struggle to get the full meaning from them.

But our Translations Board are on the case! They’re working on translating and subtitling recordings of talks so that they are available in many languages.

It could really help [non-English speakers] stay more in touch with what is alive in the Movement and Order. And really strengthen us as a truly International Sangha. - Jnanacandra

Because of gifts to FutureDharma we are able to support their work and are excited to see this project help our global Sangha reach out to more and more people wherever they live in the world.

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