Being part of our International Sangha (One World, One Sangha)

On Wed, 20 October, 2021 - 05:00
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Alex lives in Sao Paulo Brazil. He loves being part his sangha and helps Manjupriya, the only Order member in Brazil, run their activities. Theirs is the only Triratna sangha in Brazil. In fact their nearest neighbours are our Sangha in Merida, Venezuela - 2,700 miles away!  

Being able to take part in International Sangha Day: A Festival of Light was an unexpected and precious opportunity for Alex and his sangha. It’s not possible for him to travel from Brazil to go on retreat. But because the festival was online Alex and his friends were able to catch light of the Dharma from some of our most experienced teachers and practice with our international Sangha.

Sometimes we are in Brazil and we feel isolated from Europe or other countries… It was amazing because we feel part of Triratna!

Holding International Sangha Day online was only possible because of the work and expertise of The Buddhist Centre Online team, working with the International Council. And their work is made possible in large part by the generous gifts of FutureDharma supporters.  

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