2018 Annual report now published

On Wed, 27 March, 2019 - 15:00
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“More of the same, reaching more and more people.” Urgyen Sangharakshita

Speaking just a few months before he died, this was Sangharakshita’s ongoing vision for Triratna. FutureDharma exists to help make this beautifully simple vision a vibrant reality.

We set out in 2016 with nine Dharma Priorities, the blessing and support of the College of Public Preceptors, and the fervent belief that members of Triratna love our sangha and want to give other people the opportunity to benefit from it. From the get go we have supported projects that build and sustain sangha. Whether it’s been small groups needing help paying the rent in Clacton UK, or ambitious projects like the buddhistcentre online, connecting 250,000 people worldwide, our supporters have recognised the sangha they value and enjoy. By giving to FutureDharma they pass on what they’ve been given. Thanks to them people now belong to new sanghas in Warsaw, Moscow, Groningen, and Ontario. Ukrainians and Hungarian Gypsies have been on their first retreats in Poland, and young people from India and Venezuela have studied on the Dharma Life course at Adhisthana.

We hope you enjoy reading our first annual report. If you already give to FutureDharma then please accept our huge gratitude for making all this possible. And if you don’t already give, please consider joining us. The world needs what you’ve been given. Pass it on.

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Thank you Liz! :-) xx