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On Wed, 20 April, 2022 - 11:54
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 This is to let you know that next term we’re trying a new pattern for Frome Triratna Regulars’ night. 

We’ll be holding Wednesday Sangha evenings on alternate weeks at Orchardleigh studio – for meditation and other activities, such as reflection, ritual,  discussion, walking meditation, or exploring any topic that inspires the facilitator.

The fortnightly pattern starts on Wednesday 20 April after Easter, and runs every other Wednesday through to the end of July.

Our team is also offering men’s and women’s study groups, and newcomers’ courses on Thursday evenings (which could be a refresher for anyone, though you’d need to commit to all 6 sessions)

On Wednesdays there will be a chance to mark Buddha Day (18 May) and Dharma Day (13 July), and hopefully other opportunities over the summer to gather for shared food and/ or shared practice.

Evening dates: wed 20 April, wed 4 May, wed 18 May, wed 1 June, wed 15 June, wed 29 June, wed 13 July, wed 27 July  

frometriratna [at] gmail.com (subject: Triratna%20website)

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