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Frome Wednesday and Saturday classes - update

On Tue, 17 March, 2020 - 21:23
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Dear friends
Following today’s briefing by the Prime Minister, we have regretfully decided to pause our meditation  and Buddhist activities around Frome until (at least) late April.
With so much global uncertainty, the best we can do is take care, stay informed and grounded. We’ll keep you posted when it seems safe to re-start classes. The Wednesday night regulars’ class, which was due to begin again Wed 29 April, and the Saturday morning introductory meditation at the Welshmill Hub will begin again once the advice on non-essential gathering changes.
Practising mindfulness and loving-kindness during times of crisis is ultimately what supports us all to stay emotionally positive and to grow. We therefore encourage us all  to bear each other in mind with metta, look out for community members, keep meditating, and stay inspired.

You could check out all these free resources: 

– Find hundreds of inspiring talks and guided meditations on Triratna’s internationaKeep an eye on thebuddhistcentre.com who are looking to provide a programme of led morning sits and Dharma talks, online.

- There is an endless quantity of Dharma talks available at freebuddhistaudio.com

- And of course you can order Dharma books at WindhorsePublications.com

The Buddha taught that we are deeply interconnected in seen and unseen ways. The corona virus is effecting us all and we as a community send our well-wishing and care to all those around the world who’ve been severely affected – or are particularly vulnerable in relation to it.

Best wishes from the Frome Triratna Buddhist Order team:
Vajrasara, Nagamudra, Vandika, Dhammadassin, Karunika, Kamalini, Rijumani, Cittapala

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