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Twelve Days of FBA - Day 8

On Sat, 2 January, 2016 - 16:54
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Are you a podcast listener? If you are, then today’s gift for the 8th Day of FBA will be just your speed…

You may not know that Free Buddhist Audio hosts two podcasts each week. Our weekly FBA Podcast on Saturdays features full-length talks from our archive for leisurely weekend listening. And our second podcast, Dharmabytes, offers short snippets of Dharma on Mondays and Thursdays - perfect for your weekly commute.

Today we give you a taste of what these two podcasts are all about, with a posting of both Dharmabytes podcasts from the previous week and today’s FBA podcast:

Dharmabyte: “Impermanence of this Body” - Punyamala
Dharmabyte: “Vajrasattva Purification” - Sangharakshita
FBA Podcast: “Entering the Mandala” - Vessantara

You can subscribe to both these podcasts and receive them automatically each week through the podcast app on your device, using the links below!

Dharmabytes Podcast:

FBA Podcast:

We’ve had some major milestones for both of these podcasts in November 2015 - the FBA Podcast celebrated its 300th episode, and Dharmabytes hit the 500th episode mark! Help us keep it going by making a donation to Free Buddhist Audio today! Thank you!

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