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Twelve Days of FBA - Day 6

On Thu, 31 December, 2015 - 11:00
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On Day 6 of Twelve Days of FBA we celebrate all around the world the turning of a New Year! Ushering in 2016 for all corners of the globe we’d like to give a little something to everyone, so here we offer a collection of talks from the FBA archive representing the great international diversity of the Triratna Community.

One of the things that I most enjoy about working with our Right-Livelihood team is the fact that I have the opportunity to hear from and communicate with people in so many cultures - everyone so different and yet we’re all drawn together by the common pull of the Dharma. The Triratna Community is truly an international movement and Free Buddhist Audio is one of the few resources out there capable of bringing the Dharma in all its depths to people in far-flung places, where there are no Buddhist centres, no teachers, perhaps no Buddhists!

Our main offering today is a short pairing of great audio tracks from India. First, Lokamitra speaks at the 2009 International Order Convention about how the movement in India will influence the world. Then we have a beautiful chanting of the Refuges and Precepts - Indian Style - by Chandrabodhi.

But before we get to the full list of resources for you to enjoy… if you haven’t already done so please take a moment to make a donation to Free Buddhist Audio today. You’ll be putting your money towards our efforts to make the Dharma accessible to everyone - in many countries and many languages.  Thank you!

Happy New Year to everyone and please enjoy the tracks below, listed by country!

“The Buddha, Dr. Ambedkar and Sangharakshita” - Subhuti

“At Leve Et Meningsfuldt Liv - Dedikeret Til Vajrapriya” - Advayasiddhi

“Buddhismus und Vegetarismus” - Jayachitta

“De Kunst Van Meditatie” - Sobhanandi

“Wdzieczny Budda” - Nityabandhu

United States
“Simile Of The Heartwood” - Dayalocana

“La Visión Del Bodisatva” - Amalamati

“Buddhism and Climate Change” - Tejopala

United Kingdom
“The Bodhisattvas Reply” - Vajragupta

“Berättelsen Om Guldhjorten” - Hridayacandra

“Réflexions sur soi et autre” - Vajrapushpa

“Den Vestlige Buddhistordens Venners system for åndelig praksis: Del 1 Tilstedeværelse” - Gunaketu

“Stages of the Spiritual Path - Integration” - Saddhaloka

“Charla Kalyana Mitrata” - Parami

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