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Twelve Days of FBA - Day 5

On Wed, 30 December, 2015 - 11:00
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Welcome to Day 5 of our Twelve Days of FBA Fundraiser! For our main offering today we have two full-length talks by Dharmacharinis Vajratara and Vajrasara on the topic of the Buddha’s life. Like so many of the speakers in our archive, these two women demonstrate both their knowledge of the Dharma and their immense capacity to make it relevant to our modern life in these talks.

Vajratara’s talk, “An Overview of the Life of the Buddha”, starts us off with a look at the Buddha’s early years and how we can develop a personal understanding of who he was.

Then Vajrasara covers the wide ground of the Buddha’s 45-year life and the implications of his teachings in contemporary society in her talk, “Tales of a Free Spirit - 45 Years of the Buddha’s Life”.

And if you’d like to explore the Buddha’s life even further, visit Free Buddhist Audio and have a listen to Vishvapani’s series entitled “Gautama Buddha” - chock full of facinating wonderings about the life and times of the Buddha.

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