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Twelve Days of FBA - Day 3

On Mon, 28 December, 2015 - 11:00
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It’s the Third Day of FBA, and we give to you a fantastic collection of led meditations available on Free Buddhist Audio - perfect for your practice on the cushion!

Our main track today is an excellent introduction and lead-through of the Mindfulness of Breathing practice by Kamalashila. This track has its home on our Free Buddhist Audio space on Soundcloud, and is excerpted from this year’s online Urban Retreat.

Other Great Meditation Lead-Throughs and Resources Available from FBA:

Mindfulness of Breathing

Bells for Meditation: 4 Stages (Mindfulness of Breathing) - Naganataka
Mindfulness of Breathing 20-minute Lead-Through - Kamalashila
Mindfulness of Breathing 40-minute Lead-Through - Kamalashila

Metta Bhavana (Loving-Kindness)

Bells for Meditation: 5 Stages (Metta Bhavana) - Naganataka
Guided Metta Bhavana Meditation - Rijumitra
Metta Bhavana Meditation - Sanghamani

Just Sitting

Guided Just Sitting Practice - Tejananda
Introduction and Lead-Through of the Just Sitting Practice - Kamalashila
Five Minutes of Just Sitting Meditation - Amaragita

Brahma Viharas

Introduction and Lead-Through of the Metta Bhavana - Kamalashila
Full Guided Karuna Bhavana Meditation - Rijumitra
Full Guided Mudita Bhavana Meditation - Rijumitra
Full Guided Upekkha Bhavana Meditation - Rijumitra

Other Led Meditations

Guided Meditations - Padmapriya
Reflections on the Elements - Kulaprabha
Reflections on the Five Skandhas - Kulaprabha
Reflection on the Blue Sky - Kulaprabha
Reflecting on the Satipatthana Sutta - Subhuti
24 Nidana Reflection - Dhivan

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