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Twelve Days of FBA - Day 1: Sangharakshita Speaks Online

On Sat, 26 December, 2015 - 06:00
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Dharmachakra - the Triratna web team that brings you Free Buddhist Audio and The Buddhist Centre Online - would like to thank you for your support this year by offering a little look back at some Dharma highlights from 2015.

From the 26th of December to the 6th of January we’ll be bringing you Twelve Days of FBA over at our space on The Buddhist Centre Online. We’ll be posting something special each day: an inspiring talk here, a moving story or two there. As well as some great ways to use Free Buddhist Audio in the coming year. Be sure to +follow our space for each day’s updates! Join us too on FacebookTwitter and Tumblr.

The First Day of FBA:

We begin our “twelve days” today by exploring a selection of our community’s favorite recordings of Sangharakshita and sharing some of his most pivotal teachings from our huge archive of talks. These recordings are a true legacy - a spoken gift from a pioneering Buddhist teacher to us - and always fruitful to return to again and again.

The Meaning of Conversion in Buddhism - (1965-66)
A series of talks begun by Sangharakshita in 1965, representing one of the earliest sets of recordings we have in our archive. Here, Sangharakshita explains that in Buddhism, conversion means the progressive and total re-orientation of your life in such a way that all its aspects are helping work towards the attainment of Enlightenment. The four lectures in the series introduce different dimensions of that transformation - Going for Refuge, Stream Entry, The Arising of the Bodhicitta, and The Turning About in the Deepest Seat of Consciousness.

Introducing the Three Jewels of Buddhism - (1968)
When the Western Buddhist Order was first gaining momentum, Sangharakshita gave a series of much-loved talks laying out the very basics - the Three Jewels. Essential listening for any Buddhist, each Jewel is taken on its own: Who Is the Buddha?, The Meaning of the Dharma, and The Sangha or Buddhist Community.

Readings from the Pali Canon - (2000)
In 2000 Dharmachakra began the process of transferring Sangharakshita’s audio legacy from tapes to digital format. Marking this transition, Sangharakshita made these lovely recordings, readings which are taken from the oldest scriptural texts and evoke the real spirit of early Buddhism - the struggles, the joys and the triumphs of ordinary people who followed the path to Truth.

Art and the Spiritual Life - (1969)
Poetry, paintings, music… the deeper meanings of the Arts in spiritual life are a central aspect of Sangharakshita’s presentation of the Dharma that is unique among Buddhist teachers. A poet himself, his teachings often include well-placed references to the arts, drawing out the transcendental and unspoken nature of what he is attempting to convey. This talk explores his own views on artistic expression and how it weaves into the fabric of spiritual life.

Fifteen Points for Buddhist Parents - (1994)
Sangharakshita’s teachings have the special quality of being able to range from the depths of scholarly commentary to sweet and good-humoured practical Buddhist advice. This talk showcases the latter quite beautifully as he speaks to Buddhist parents about how to bring Buddhist principles into practice in their relationship with their children.

For more talks by Sangharakshita, visit this link at Free Buddhist Audio.

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