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Triratna: Dharma, Friendships, Work

On Thu, 6 February, 2014 - 16:13
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This past month we’ve been reflecting on some distinctive Triratna traits with our weekly FBA Podcasts and twice-weekly Dharmabytes. With talks from practitioners speaking about their work in Buddhist Centers, team-based right livelihood businesses, and as communicators of the Dharma through facilitating study, leading retreats and just being friends to one another!

The friendship aspect in our community is crucial in that we aspire to engage with each other in ways that create the ground for Insight to arise (See Saddhanandi’s Spiritual Transmission and Lineage podcast on January 25th.)

Taking our inspiration from the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, (See Dhammadinna’s The Richly Endowed Buddha from the Southern Realm podcast on January 18th), from each other, and our teacher/founder Sangharakshita, we offer insights, practices and everyday Dharma experiences from members of our community through the two thousand talks available at Free Buddhist Audio. We ask you to consider supporting our work - your donations help us cover administrative costs, develop the site, and fine tune accessibility for people all over the world who seek peace, connection and Buddhist teaching.


If you missed any of our Dharmabytes podcasts, here’s a summary - all are available on the Free Buddhist Audio site, and our Dharmabytes are released via soundcloud too!

We started out the second half of January with an FBA Dharmabyte from Sangharakshita entitled: “Meditative Experience.” This short excerpt is from the 1967 talk by Sangharakshita titled Meditation: the Expanding Consciousness. Here Bhante explains the the three stages of meditation: samata, samapatti, and samadhi.

Then Nagapriya brought us an interesting blend of SciFi and Dharma Study titled “Stepping Through Dharma Portals”. From the talk “Cherish the Doctrine” by Nagapriya, Part 1 of a three part series based around the motto of the great Tibetan 20th Century teacher Dhardo Rimpoche – “Cherish the Doctrine, Live United, Radiate Love”. Here, Nagapriya reminds us that in order to appreciate the meaning of symbols, one needs to engage the imagination.

Next up: two women speak on their work in Triratna projects. First Amlanadhi speaks about the joy from her involvement in a short talk entitled: “Cherishing the Lotus”. Singhamati shares her reflections from many years working with an all-women’s team running Taraloka Retreat Center in “Intensity At Taraloka”. These talks were given on the European Order Gathering at Wymondham College, August 10 2013. The Theme of the gathering was ‘Karma niyama in the service of the Dharma niyama’.

Rounding out the month of January, Saraha speaks to us from the UK and Ireland Men’s Order Weekend held at Adhisthana, on 3 November 2013, in “Adhisthana, Emptiness and Butterflies,” part of the theme of ‘Adhisthana as Blessing’.

May you be continually inspired by the Dharma!
Thank you from all of us at Free Buddhist Audio for your talks, your volunteering, your financial support, you love and enthusiasm.

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