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Spiritual Transmission and Lineage

On Sat, 25 January, 2014 - 13:33
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This week’s FBA Podcast “Spiritual Transmission and Lineage” is a detailed, intimate and heartfelt talk from Saddhanandi looking at the relationship between a Dharma follower and her/his teacher. The talk takes as its lead-off point, David Smith’s criticisms of the FWBO as lacking relationship with a ‘vertical dimension’ in its systems of practice. It’s a sympathetic and open response, but one that is also happy to have confidence in an inside experience of practice that arrives at different conclusions. Saddhanandi revisits Sangharakshita’s own take on the problems faced by practitioners in a contemporary spiritual community, and, with the help of a good sprinkling of quotes and stories from other traditions, she explores the nature of the Sangha as the possible ground for insight itself to arise.

Talk given at the Tiratna [Western] Buddhist Order Women’s Convention, Wymondham 2007

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